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A: Excellent inquiry. We are not realtors; hence we do not place homes on the market. As direct purchasers of homes, we acquire properties that align with our buying criteria. Following purchase, we might refurbish and sell them to another buyer or retain them for rental.

A: The homes we acquire often come at a price point below the market value (enabling us to sell at a margin to another buyer). We aim for an equitable reduction in the property’s value. Many sellers do not expect a massive profit but value our swift cash transactions, immediate closing without the need for financing, and eliminating the need for them to renovate or incur realtor fees. If a rapid sale at a fair price aligns with your goals, let’s discuss a mutually beneficial price. (Additionally, our commitment to pressure-free pricing ensures you can choose whether to proceed with our proposal after reviewing it.)

A: Excellent inquiry and transparency are key to our approach: The appraisal process we use is clear-cut. We assess the property’s locale, necessary repairs, its present state, and recent sales of similar properties nearby. It’s common knowledge that property values have drastically dropped over the past five years, with many regions not yet recovering. We consider numerous factors to establish a price that is equitable for both parties.

A. Our distinction from conventional house selling is that working with us incurs absolutely NO fees or commissions. We will propose a deal, and if it’s the right match, we proceed with the purchase (and typically, we handle the closing expenses too!). Forget about the fuss. Without any fees. Our profit comes from investing in any needed repairs and reselling the property at a profit (the risk is ours regarding profit potential post-purchase… once we purchase your home, all responsibility transfers to us, leaving you free from the property’s burdens and, quite often, with cash on hand).

A: Agents put properties on the market, hoping for a buyer. They show homes to potential buyers, which currently takes 6-12 months on average, and earn a percentage from the sale’s proceeds. Typically, this commission ranges from 3-6% (for a $100,000 property, that’s $3,000 – $6,000 paid to the agent). Agents are excellent for sellers who can afford to wait and are willing to pay commission fees. Our distinction: we’re buyers, not agents. We buy houses directly. We don’t list; we purchase outright with cash, enabling us to decide rapidly, often within days, to buy your property. We invest our own funds to buy, refurbish, and personally sell the house, which is a challenging aspect in today’s market.

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