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Essential Tips for Selling an Inherited House in South Carolina 

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Essential Tips for Selling an Inherited House in South Carolina 


Losing a loved one due to death can be the most challenging event of our lives. It is when all want to remember their loved ones and spend time mourning and preparing for routine life. Unfortunately, this event also forces the deceased’s property into probate proceedings. This process is daunting as the estate passes through various methods to validate its accounts and disperse it among all those who are a part of the will. It is also the time to decide whether selling a house in South Carolina is the best option or whether we need to think differently. 

If you have an inherited house in South Carolina, you may also be thinking similarly, as you may be concerned about the processes to inherit a property correctly and understand taxes, including capital gains and inheritance taxes in South Carolina. Interestingly, selling an inherited house in South Carolina is famous because you may find many reliable home buyers here who can resolve all your issues. These professionals help you manage all these tasks and get your payment according to your expected dates. 

Ready to sell an inherited house in South Carolina? Some Essential Tips 

Selling an inherited property in Carolina is daunting because conventional procedures can take 11 to 15 months to close the deal. It means you will bear all the expenses during this time and pay all the taxes implemented by the federal and state governments. However, it does not happen if you are selling a house in South Carolina that does not have inheritance issues, as you may need, on average, 76 days to sell a normal property. 

When selling an inherited property in South Carolina, the property must be legally transferred to legal heirs. This process can be as long as 11 months, and if any or some of the heirs do not agree with you to sell an inherited house, the process can be even more than 11 months. 

The best option when selling a house in probate South Carolina is to sell to cash home buyers. These experts understand how to deal with inherited property and make the entire process comprehensive and hassle-free. 

Until now, we know the following essential points: 

  • We need 11 to 15 months to sell an inherited house in South Carolina. 
  • Many types of taxes are required to be paid. Some examples are property, capital gains, transfer, and inheritance taxes. 
  • Selling inherited property in South Carolina can be smooth when partnering with cash home buyers. 

How to Sell an Inherited House in South Carolina? 

Selling your inherited house in South Carolina is convincing and beneficial. However, it is essential to learn the probate process to make it convenient. So, let us start exploring the topic in detail! 

What is a probate process? 

Probate is a process of legal validation of a will issued by the deceased individual. With the help of the will, the estate is distributed among the heirs according to the percentage defined in it.  

To implement the will, it is essential to submit the deceased’s proof of ownership and death certificate. After that, the probate process will start. It is necessary to remember that several expenses are involved in completing the probate process. Some examples are property taxes, mortgages, and utility bills. Remember that all inherited properties in South Carolina need a probate process that can take 15 months to complete. 

Exempted Properties 

If your inherited property falls in any of the following categories, it is exempted from the probate process: 

Joint property ownership falls in the category of the Right of Survivorship clause. According to this clause, the property title is transferred to the remaining owners if any owner dies. 

If the inherited property is in trust, the property will be transferred directly to the legal heirs without a probate process. 

The process of selling an inherited property in South Carolina 

We have information about an inherited property, the probate process, taxes on selling an inherited house in South Carolina, and many other details. We have also learned to sell a home in South Carolina with multiple inheritors. Now, we need to know how to sell an inherited house in Georgetown and Pawleys Island to complete the entire process comfortably and benefit from inherited property. We will discuss this process briefly in the following lines: 

Hiring a local realtor or selling a house by the owner 

This selection depends totally on our discussion. If you do not have the time, skills, and dedication to sell an inherited house in Horry County, we recommend you partner with an expert real estate professional. However, if you want to save a hefty commission between 3% and 6%, using the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) option can be interesting. It means selling a house by the owner in South Carolina. However, to complete this task successfully, you need to put maximum effort and time into producing the desired results. 

Other Options to consider. 

You can partner with discount real estate brokers who offer flat rates to help you close the deal. 

Using an iBuyer is another technique to sell your home in Murrells Inlet, SC. However, these companies follow a strict policy when buying a property and offer up to 70-80% of the market value. 

Cash home buyers in South Carolina also help you sell your home conveniently. However, they buy your house as-is and offer you 50-70% of market value. 

Flipping companies also buy inherited houses; you can expect 70% of the property’s value when partnering with these professionals. 

Let Red Head Home Properties Sell Your Inherited House in South Carolina! 

Selling an inherited house is a time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating task. The reason is the long waiting time, extending to 15 months. Additionally, you may need to pay various taxes. To avoid all these complications, the best option is Red Head Home Properties. These professional cash home buyers understand how to deal with inherited properties and sell a house in South Carolina with inheritance comprehensively. So, contact Red Head Home Properties today and let them finish this task according to your expectations and timings. 


Losing a loved one is a huge loss. This loss cannot be compensated. However, inheriting property is a financial benefit when becoming an heir. However, this process looks fantastic before initiating a probate process. Therefore, it is essential to learn all the basics when facing such a situation. Selling a house in South Carolina with a probate process can be convenient if you know these basics and work with reliable real estate experts. Therefore, we have provided the maximum details in this discussion and options to help you sell an inherited house in South Carolina. We hope you can complete this process by comprehensively managing all taxes, including the South Carolina inheritance tax, and avail yourself of the benefits you deserve as the loved one of a deceased individual. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Property, inheritance, capital gains, and transfer taxes you must remember when selling an inherited house in Pawleys Island and other counties of South Carolina. 

A jointly owned property and those in the name of trust are exempted from probate process. 

Red Head Home Properties specializes in dealing with inherited properties, offering a comprehensive and hassle-free process to sell a house in South Carolina, especially for those with inheritance issues. 

Red Head Home Properties is known for its expertise in handling inherited houses and can navigate the complexities of the probate process efficiently, potentially saving you time and reducing the burden of taxes. 

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