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The Safest Cities in South Carolina To Live and Here’s Why 

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The Safest Cities in South Carolina To Live and Here’s Why 


The Blue Ridge Mountains, life-filled marshes, and beautiful beaches are the introduction to South Carolina. This state is known for mild winters, varied terrain, and natural beauty. More interestingly, you can experience all four seasons in this state. People who have not visited this state mostly know about Charleston and Myrtle Beach as cities and do not have enough information about other cities. However, if you want to settle in this state after buying a house, it is essential to identify the safest cities in South Carolina. Why is it so? Let us explore the details! 

When to consider the safety of a city? 

Exploring a state in the United States is fun, but it is not so if you want to live in it. Home is a name of protection, and if your family is not safe inside your residence, there is something wrong with your decision. Therefore, if you want to buy a house in South Carolina and choose it as your home state, never compromise on choosing the safest cities in South Carolina. 

We all know that every city of any state has unique features. Some states have lower crime rates, while the numbers are higher. Therefore, if you want the safest places to live in South Carolina, remember that a lower crime rate is essential. The numbers confirm that South Carolina has a higher crime rate. The stats tell us that 134,333 property crimes were reported in 2021 in South Carolina. The most important aspect is that this state has a higher crime rate than the national average. The national average of property crime is 19.6. However, this average in South Carolina is 27.2, and we can observe the difference.  

When understanding these numbers, we must remember that these numbers are the people out of 1,000 individuals affected by crime. Another alarming number is the violent crime rate. It is 5.3 in South Carolina, while in the United States statistics, the national average is 4. 

South Carolina: Safest Places to Live 

If you think that South Carolina is not a good place to live, you may not be correct. This state has some wonderful places to live, and you can feel safer, more protected, and happier when settling in these cities. We have developed a list of the safest cities to live in South Carolina. So, let us explore these cities! 

Fort Mill 

Fort Mill is at the top of our list of the safest places to live in South Carolina. The reason is that the working class of this city is 28,000 people. The workers in this city belong to the Math and Computer industries. Remote work is also famous in this city, and it is the occupation of 17.53% of residents. Therefore, this city is considered a family-friendly city. Only one out of 1,473 citizens can be the victim of violent crimes. Overall, only 19 crimes are reported in this city. Some neighborhoods of Fort Will are also safe. For example, you can choose Waterside at the Catawba, Massey, and Van Wyck to live safely with your family. 


This coastal city is in second place on our list of the safest cities in South Carolina. The reason is that this city has good public districts with a family-friendly mindset. The population of this city is 32,000, and one out of 1,341 citizens experience a crime here. Only one murder and 16 assault crimes have been reported in Bluffton over a year. Palmetto Bluff, Hampton Lake, and Hampton Hall are the neighborhoods of Bluffton where you can also settle your family. 

Mount Pleasant 

With a population of over 92,000 people, Mount Pleasant is the third town we want to recommend as one of the safest places to live in South Carolina. The crime rate is 1.02 here, meaning only 1.02 citizens can be victims of any crime in Mount Pleasant. Another important aspect home sellers would love is that the property crime rate is 11.57, which means you are safer than many other top cities and states in the United States of America in Mount Pleasant. The neighborhoods with the lowest crime are Rivertowne, The Wando Welch Terminal, and Dunes West. 

The safest cities in North Carolina from natural disasters 

Living in a crime-free city is not enough for those who invest a lot in their houses to give their family a safe and protected life; if you are not living in a city where natural disasters are uncommon, you and your family are at risk. Therefore, when choosing the cheapest and safest places to live, remember that the chances of natural disasters can affect a lot. For example, if you want to settle in South Carolina, you must remember that the chosen area must be a part of one of the safest cities in South Carolina from hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, heatwaves/ draughts, wildfires, and other natural disasters. 

Partner with Redhead Home Properties to choose the safest city to live in South Carolina! 

Choosing the safest place to live in South Carolina is challenging. However, partnering with Redhead Home Properties will make the process smooth and hassle-free. The reason is that they are the locals and know the most suitable places where you can quickly settle and start a fresh life. More importantly, they are reliable cash home buyers who can find the best location for you and try their best to find a place you would love the most. 


Tourists love all the places they can explore. However, it is essential for residents to get a list of the safest cities in South Carolina and settle in one of them. We have discussed the top 3 safest cities in this beautiful state for your consideration. However, many other options are available, and you can get the details online or from local real estate experts. This discussion aims to convince all to select the city intelligently if they are looking to relocate. 

Because most of the population is working class, and most people are a part of the Computer and Math industries, that means educated families will be around. Importantly, the crime rate is the lowest here when compared to other South Carolina cities. 

It depends on several factors. For example, if you live in a coastal area, hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms are common. On the other hand, if you live near woods, the chances of wildfires are greater. Therefore, choose the city carefully to avoid natural disasters. 

They are local real estate experts and know the best points to live. Therefore, you can rely on Redhead Home Properties to choose the safest city in South Carolina. 

It is up to you. Your research will give you numbers to help you choose the best option. However, working with Redhead Home Properties means you will get first-hand information. A combination of the options can work better for you. 

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